Artists in (Their) Residence

Artists in (Their) Residence puts two folk artists together to write new music inspired by their time in quarantine, in support of The Village Fund
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In these unprecedented times, the entire world has converged online to find answers and inspiration. More than ever, society is in need of art that responds directly to the universal issues raised by the COVID-19 pandemic: isolation, connection, service, priorities, mortality, loss, time, and relationships.


FAI’s Artists in (Their) Residence project is designed to match artists across countries and cultures to speak to the universality of these issues.


Artists in (Their) Residence is a partnership with GRAMMY Award-winning artist Chris Thile, and supported by the Antonia and Vladimer Kulaev Cultural Heritage Fund. Ten US-based artists are paired with ten non-US-based artists to meet online and create a song to be presented as a two-artist collaboration video shot from their respective homes.


The home videos for each song will be released one at a time on our YouTube channel, so make sure to subscribe! These songs are aimed to raise awareness of the Village Fund, a new FAI initiative to provide need-based grants to artists and independent music industry professionals in financial need.

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Participating Artists

John Paul White
John Paul White

Rose Cousins + John Paul White

Gina Chavez
Las Migas

Gina Chavez + Las Migas

Charly Lowry
The Heart Collectors

Charly Lowry + The Heart Collectors

Eliza Gilkyson
Lynn Miles

Eliza Gilkyson + Lynn Miles

Melisande [electrotrad]
Sean Ardoin

Mélisande [électrotrad] + Sean Ardoin

Catherine MacLellan
Crys Matthews

Catherine MacLellan + Crys Matthews

Adee Lifshitz

Adee Lifshitz + SaulPaul

Julie Fowlis

Hawktail + Julie Fowlis

Calvin Arsenia
Ramy Essam

Calvin Arsenia + Ramy Essam

Mick Flannery
Tianna Esperanza

Mick Flannery + Tianna Esperanza