Improve your event's safety, sustainability, and accessibility!

Producing a music festival or running a venue is hard, and the pandemic has only added even more obstacles. There’s a lot to consider during the event planning process!

With climate disasters and the need for new COVID-era safety measures, it’s more important now than ever to make sure you have a solid plan in place to help you be as proactive as possible.

The #ChangingTheTuneChallenge is a FREE 7-day series packed with actionable tips and information addressing the four pillars of a successful event:

illustrated graphic of a shield with a padlock in the middle


illustrated graphic of a person in a wheelchair


illustrated graphic of a heart made of circulating arrows, with two leaves in the middle


illustrated graphic of two people with arrows connecting them and a heart in between them

Community Engagement

You’ll come away from this challenge armed with the knowledge needed to improve your event’s safety, accessibility, and sustainability, plus the skills needed to leverage the power of community relationships.

We challenge you to commit to leveling up your event.

Take the challenge now!

This resource was created as part of the Changing the Tune project, developed in partnership with Majestic Collaborations and made possible thanks to a grant from Performing Arts Readiness.

The four pillars of the Changing the Tune Challenge are drawn from the Art of Mass Gatherings approach to organizational resilience developed by Majestic Collaborations. Learn more at