Safety Planning & Preparedness Checklist

There are many different ways to categorize the variety of safety and preparedness documents of value to prepare for your organization. We’ve broken them down into three main areas: risk assessments to evaluate the likelihood of harm, a general safety plan with useful safety information for during normal operations, and specific emergency action plans to enact in the event of different kinds of incidents. Of course, there will also be many other specific documents you will create during the process of safety planning: inventories of items, safety training materials, communications templates, and more. 

Risk Assessments

A risk assessment asks you to identify specific hazard and risk factors that have the potential to cause harm, and to triage them by evaluating both their likelihood and the extent of damage they could cause.

General Safety Plans

A general safety plan contains safety information and protocols during normal operations. It also should have information that is broadly applicable across different kinds of emergencies, for example an evacuation plan.

Emergency Action Plans

An emergency action plan documents the specific protocols that will be followed in the event of a specific kind of emergency, for example a fire, flood, tornado, active harmer, etc.