FY21 Donors

Donors To Date

Our deepest thanks to the following donors who supported Folk Alliance International this fiscal year (July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021). Updated September 16, 2020. 

All of FAI’s staff and board members make an annual donation, demonstrating our internal support and belief in the organization. Recurring donors are recognized at the total amount of their donation for the year.

Legacy (donations up to $50,000)


Benefactor (donations up to $10,000)

Patrons (donations up to $5,000)

Dan and Kathy Tappan – The Tappan Family Fund

Leaders (donations up to $2,500)


Aengus Finnan

Donald Cohen – The Carpenter Fund

Woody Guthrie Publications

Jeff and Carol Lowe

Partners (donations up to $1000)

Christine Lakeland Cale

Open Society Foundation

Candy Spitzer

Advocates (donations up to $500)


Gene Bowlen, BeARcade Music & Cross Keys Studio

Taylor Caffery

Nancy Clark

Rose Cousins

Loraine Fusco and lou DeMarco

Fox Run Concerts and Studio

Kari Estrin Management & Consulting

Mark Franzke

Treasa Levasseur

Grant and Nancy Mallett

Alex and Sammi Mallett

Art Menius

Cydney and Keith Perske

Jennifer Roe

Jim Rooney

Kendra Terry in Memory of In Michael Terry

Shawn Underwood

Supporters (donations up to $250)

Jeremy Butler

Nancy Chase

Lynn Cingari

Nancy K. Dillon

Jana M Fisher

AirShow Mastering

Susie Giang In Memory of George Floyd / Breonna Taylor and so many other Black people killed by police.

Chloe East Goodyear

Karen Haggman

Sara Henderson

Rick Hesch

Mark Kaufman

Jess Klein

Monica Mansfield

Kim McDowell

Tim McFadden

Kathy Peters

Jeff & Katie Reece

Amy Reitnouer

Nicole Rochefort (Artists in Motion)

Laura Thomas

Friends (donations up to $100)


Anonymous In Memory of David Olney

Bill in memory of Shelli

Michael Alvarez

Phyllis Barney

Enrique Chi

Michelle Conceison in Memory of Gene Shay

Amy DeMarco

Michelle Demers Shaevitz

Regina Derzon

David HB Drake In Honor of Walter Craft

John Dull

Lona Fox

Dani Goodband

Kira Florita Hilley

Matthew Hughes

Marisa Kolka

Michael Kornfeld

Sara Leishman

Deana McCloud

Art Menius Radio in Memory of Mitch Podolak & Gene Shay

Gary Paczosa

Clay Pasternack

Alan Perry

Chris Porter

Jeff & Katie Reece

Jerod Rivers

Robert W. Schuck

Lisa Schwartz

Alka Sharma

Ellen Stanley In Memory of Bob Feldman

Gerald Trimble

Reid Wick

Fans (donations up to $50)


Anonymous In Honor of the diverse & enduring craft of folk music

Rachel Barreca

Kim Beggs

Julia Burns

Kerry Clarke

Rosalyn Dennett

Danielle Devlin

Kelly Dougherty

Louis DeMarco and Loraine Fusco

Duncan House Concerts

Jay Gilman

Cathy Grier

Tom Griffith

K and R Hart

Beth Hatch

Carol Kelly

Sue Kessell

LIT33 Mgmt

Susan Lang In Memory of Bill Wisnowski

Kristina Latino

Sam Lee

Mark Levine in Honor of Lula Wiles

Fawn Lies

Doug MacLeod

Joseph Marrella

Rodger McBride

Ted McVay

Rachel Ries

PC Rolston

Matthew Sever

Margaret Skinner

Ian Thomson

Uptown Concerts

Michael W. Varner

Kim Ware

Bob Wright