FY22 Donors

Donors To Date

Our deepest thanks to the following donors who supported Folk Alliance International this fiscal year (July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022). Updated September 20, 2021. 

All of FAI’s staff and board members make an annual donation, demonstrating our internal support and belief in the organization. Recurring donors are recognized at the total amount of their donation for the year.

Patrons (donations up to $5,000)

Bob O and Nancy

Wendy Weissman, In Memory of Clark Weissman

Leaders (donations up to $2,500)

Pete Browne and Julie Walker Browne, In Honor of Aengus Finnan

Taylor and Mary Ann Caffery

Aengus Finnan

Jeff and Carol Lowe

Woody Guthrie Publications

Partners (donations up to $1,000)

Livingston Taylor

Advocates (donations up to $500)

Airshow Mastering

Art Menius Radio

Phyllis Barney, In Memory of Angelo Joaquin and Reba Heyman

Hart Family Fund – Greater Kansas City Community Foundation

Ralph Jaccodine

Karakter Worldwide

Kari Estrin Mgmt & Consulting/Radio Promotion

Treasa Levasseur

Sammi and Alex Mallett

Kim McDowell

Tim McFadden

Jennifer Roe

Shawn Underwood

Supporters (donations up to $250)

Jeremy Butler

David HB Drake

Susie Giang

Barbara Hammerman

Lee Higginbotham

Keene Valley Congressional Church

Richard Lawrence

Celene & Geof Lyon

Deana McCloud

Bruce & Barbara Newman

Ashley Shabankareh

Douglas Shevlin

The Bluegrass Situation

Laura Thomas

Friends (donations up to $100)

Anonymous (1)

Art of the Song

Vadim Astrakhan

Helen Austin

Kristine Bretall

Lynn Cingari

Stephen Clair

Harris/Wilkinson Family Fund – Fidelity Charitable

Judi Jaeger

Jill Kettles, In Memory of David Olney

Dana Kolka

Michael Kornfeld

Laura Ohls

Old Farm Pony Inc.

Alan Perry

Rigby Summer

Christopher Porter

Eric Ramsey, In Memory of Al Catarino

Jerod Rivers

Lisa Schwartz

Anthony Seeger, In Memory of Mike Seeger

Alka Sharma

Matthew Smith

Billy St Johns

Mike Tortorella

Reid Wick

Caroline Randall Randall Williams

Denise Williams

Fans (donations up to $50)

Amazon Smile

Anonymous (2)

Kasia Byrne, In memory of Clark Weissman

Enrique Chi

Tina Cole

Kevin Dalton

Ryan Dart

Patrick & Linda Deeney

Rosalyn Dennett

Kim Dunn

Frank Dvorak, In Memory of my parents

John Ferullo

Laura Gage, In Memory of Colin C. Gage

Marion Halliday

Catalina Maria Johnson

Emma Julien

Marisa Kolka

Sara Leishman

Mark Levine

Fawn Lies

Richard Marchetta

Rodger William McBride Jr

Nick Loss-Eaton Media

Sara Palmieri

Stacy Parish, In Memory of Esther Clayton

Andrew Potter

Matthew Sever

Scott Skeabeck

Jean Spivey

Eric Steck, In Memory of George Steck

Jordan A Styloglou, On Behalf of Wendy Weissman in Memory of her Father

The Hello Darlins Inc

Claudio Trotta

Sloan Wainwright

Jon Weisberger