FY23 Donors

Donors To Date

Our deepest thanks to the following donors who supported Folk Alliance International this fiscal year (July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023). Updated January 19, 2023

All of FAI’s staff and board members make an annual donation, demonstrating our internal support and belief in the organization. Recurring donors are recognized at the total amount of their donation for the fiscal year.

Legacy ($50,000 – $99,999)

The U.S. Charitable Gift Trust

Sustainers ($10,000 – $24,999)

Mick Hellman

Benefactors ($5,000 – $9,999)

Fan Club Cruises
J.B. Reynolds Foundation
Steve and Polly Revare and the West Egg Fund
Dan and Kathy Tappan – Tappan Family Fund
Woody Guthrie Publications

Patrons ($2,500 – $4,999)

Dorothy W. Gach Family Foundation
Janet L. Lewis Trust

Leaders ($1,000 – $2,499)

Taylor Caffery
Donald Cohen
Laura Kohler & Steve Proudman Giving Back Fund
Jeff and Carol Lowe
Kim McDowell
Chuck Schmitz

Partners ($500 – $999)

Mike Doll
Aengus Finnan
Hart Family Fund – Greater Kansas City Community Foundation
John & Kristen Hawkes
David Holiday
Barbara Manners
Marian R. Stuart, Ph.D. Foundation
Kathy Peters
Sam Meers and Julie Nelson Meers Charitable Account

Advocates ($250 – $499)

Carl Apter
B & L Foundation
Phyllis Barney
Dave Bartlow
Ayappa Biddanda
Beau Bledsoe
David HB Drake, In Honor of Gordon Bok
Neale Eckstein and Laurie Laba
Bernie Finkelstein
Greggory Gehrig
Patricia Henderson
Sara Henderson
Frank Iacobucci, In Memory of Michael Wrycraft
Independent Media Arts Foundation
Si Kahn
Kari Estrin Mgmt/Consulting & Radio Promo
Treasa Levasseur
Grant Mallett
Steve Paul
Keith and Cydney Perske
Jennifer Roe
Laura Thomas
Reid Wick

Supporters ($100 – $249)

Airshow Mastering
Anonymous (5)
Art Menius Radio
Carey Avenia, In Memory of Gene Shay
Lee and Claudia Barewin
Jim Bizer
Kristine Bretall
Jeremy Butler
Lynn Cingari
Mary Cliff
Stephanie Coronado
William Cutler
Claire Diamond
Lisa Fancher
Deirdre Finnan
Wanda Fischer, In Memory of Dick Pleasants and Bill Staines
Scott Gerloff
Max Glenn
Karen W Haggman
Rick Hesch, In Memory of Pete Seeger
Liz Levitt Hirsch
Christie Kelton
Susan Kessell
Adrian and Meredith Krygowski
Kylee Lambert
Maggi Landau
Sara Leishman
Diane Lincoln
Kathryn Lorenzen
Sammi and Alex Mallett
Rodger William McBride Jr.
Deana McCloud
Tim McFadden
Denis McGilvray
Nancy Meis
Bruce Newman
Tracy Newman, In Memory of Clark Weissman
Dobe Newton
Gary Paczosa
Muriel Palmer-Rhea
Alan Perry
Christopher Porter
Andrew Potter
Stephen Proudman
Sarah Goslee Reed
Mary Faith Rhoads-Lewis
Roaring Fork Sessions
Gary Rosen
Jennifer Ross
Tom Rush, In Memory of Gene Shay
Jim Schultz
Ashley Shabankareh
Glenda Shelley, In Memory of Debby Schenk
Douglas Shevlin
Eric Steck
Kendra Terry, In Memory of Michael A. Terry
The Bluegrass Situation
Dorothy Thomas
Tucson Kitchen Musicians Association
Clyde Tyndale
Katherine Ungerer
Michael W. Varner
Marilyn Walker – Lilienthal Walker Fund
Deborah F Winograd
Worldstrings Promotion, In Honor of Manfred Maurenbrecher
Mark Young

Friends ($50 – $99)

Rene Garzoria Alcocer
Forrest Anderson
Anonymous, In Memory of Dick Pleasants and Scott Alarik
William Barton
Betty J Berry
Marian and Dennis Bires
Enrique Chi
Laura D’Alisera, In Memory of Nanci Griffith
Barbara Denz
Brian Doucette
Scott Duncan
Josh Dunson
David Finley
James Floyd
Steven Foxbury
Robin Gierer
Jeff Gotellitonthemt
Dennis Gredell
Jean Hatfield
Janet Eileen Irwin
Larry Isberg
Michael Kornfeld
Joan Kureczka
Peter Lee
Lyzy Lusterman
Monica Mansfield
Jonathan Mead
Brant Miller
Chuck Mitchell
Tisha Naipaul
Jimmy Joe Natoli
Nick Loss-Eaton Media
Jerod Rivers
Lisa Schwartz
Mollie Stephens
Guillermo Subauste
Dave Sullivan
Sandra Sutter
Grace Tsao
Tom West
Caroline Randall Williams
Laurel Zydney

Fans ($1 – $49)

Amazon Smile
Anonymous (2)
Anonymous, In Honor of Brandi Waller-Pace
Marnie Barrett
Joanna Castillo
Leah Cleary
Cindy Davis
Elexa Dawson, In Honor of Shelley Morningsong
Susan Downman
Deb Ewing
Iona Fyfe
Sara Gougeon
Rob Hanning
Beth and John Hatch
Rachel Holmen
Tim Hoops
Steven Horner
Catalina Maria Johnson
Lily Joiner
Bob Kaat-Wohlert
Fred Knittel
Marisa Kolka
Mark E Levine
Kandee Lewter
Alison Loerke
Marty Mcknew
Heather Miller
Roger O’Meagher
Brooke Ratliff
Renata Robertson
Scott Skeabeck
LaWanda Smith
Jack Spring
Paul Stagani
Scott Stanton
Karin Stein
James Stevens
Michael Surgalla
Gregory Thomas
Jennifer Thomas
Claire Von Gahlen
Phil Ward, In Memory of Mark Humphreys
Don Wise
Linda Yelnick, In Honor of Dan Ashley, FAI/Folk Radio Charts Recording Artist