FY24 Donors

Donors To Date

Our deepest thanks to the following donors who supported Folk Alliance International this fiscal year (July 1, 2023 – June 30, 2024). Updated December 4, 2023

All of FAI’s staff and board members make an annual donation, demonstrating our internal support and belief in the organization. Recurring donors are recognized at the total amount of their donation for the fiscal year.

Sustainers ($10,000 – $24,999)

Mick Hellman
Janet L. Lewis Trust

Benefactors ($5,000 – $9,999)

CCS Family Fund – Topeka Community Foundation
David and Janis Francis – The Francis Family Foundation
Steve and Polly Revare and the West Egg Fund
Dan and Kathy Tappan – Tappan Family Fund

Patrons ($2,500 – $4,999)

Jeff and Carol Lowe
Woody Guthrie Publications

Leaders ($1,000 – $2,499)

John & Kristen Hawkes
Chuck Schmitz
Scott Twiford

Partners ($500 – $999)

Art Menius Media
Kelly Z Hart Trust

Advocates ($250 – $499)

Gregg Gehrig
Treasa Levasseur
Jennifer Roe
Ashley Shabankareh
Laura Thomas
Shawn Underwood

Supporters ($100 – $249)

Anonymous (2)
Ayappa Biddanda
Jeff Binder, In Memory of Bruce Baggett
Beau Bledsoe
Jeremy Butler
Laia Canals
Mariah Czap
Scott Duncan
Maggi Landau
Sara Leishman
Diane Lincoln
Rodger William McBride Jr
Deana McCloud
Kim McDowell
Terry Mutchler
Nick Loss-Eaton Media
Gary Paczosa
Ann Powers
Gary Rosen
Kent Scarbrough
Glenda Shelley, In Memory of Debby Schenk
Douglas Shevlin
Karen and Gary Sullivan
Devon Teran
The Bluegrass Situation
Grace Tsao
Yuh-hwang Tsao
Clyde Tyndale & Deborah Winograd, In Memory of Les Barker
Tom West
Reid Wick
Suzanne Zucca

Friends ($50 – $99)

Anonymous, In Memory of Bruce Baggett
Joanna Castillo, In Honor of Laura Thomas’ birthday!
Lynn Cingari
Andy Cohen
Russell Cornelius
Stephanie Coronado
Sarah Cunningham, In Honor of Laura Thomas
Barbara Denz
Robin and Fran Fate, In Memorial of Bruce Baggett
Beth Fay
Martin Garcia
Jeff Gotellitonthemt
Jon Griffin
Steve Harr, In Honor of Laura Thomas
Wilburn Hayden
David Holiday
Dave Humphreys
Sue Kessell
Kandee Lewter
Sammi and Alex Mallett
Susan Maxwell
Brant Miller
Tisha Naipaul
Mary Jo O’Neal-Harr, In Honor of Laura Thomas
Peter Oleksiak
Natalie Price
Jerod Rivers
Ron and Arlene Finney Charitable Fund, In Memory of Bruce D. Baggett
Ellin Rosenthal
Dave Sullivan
David E Wiseman, In Memory of Bruce D. Baggett
Thom Wolke

Fans ($1 – $49)

Anonymous (2)
Anonymous, In Memory of David Glaser
Austin Lash Extensions
Marnie Barrett
Elissa Barron
Gwynn Beeler
Robert Borowicz
Beth Chrisman
Stephen Clair
Leah Cleary
Suzanne Constantineau
Shelly Doucet
Susan Downman
Jerome Fischer
Dave Fisher
Rachel Foster, In Memory of Richard “Dick” Gauge
Iona Fyfe
Nathan Hamilton
Steven Horner
Steven Johnson
David Longoria
Vance McCorkle
Jocelyn Mellberg
Amethyst Mellberg-Smith
Heather Miller
Jimmy Joe Natoli
Elizabeth Nichols
Veronica Ojeda-Gonzalez
Chris Porter
Christopher Roach
Mary Sack
Jim Semmelman
Jack Spring
Bill Stoughton
Jennifer Thomas
Nat Vazer
Claire Von Gahlen
Nichole Wagner