Membership FAQs

What are the membership levels?

You can view the different membership types that we offer here.

How do I become a member of Folk Alliance International?

Visit this page to read about our different membership options, then pick the one that applies to you and complete the online instructions ending with payment. Dues must be paid before a membership can be active. All memberships are approved instantly after payment confirmation (except the Non-Voting type, which is approved during business hours by our staff).

How do I know whether I need to renew my membership?

FAI uses a universal membership start date of May 1. ALL expiring memberships expire April 30. You’ll also receive reminder emails 15 days prior to the expiration date and 1 day prior. You’ll be notified a third time after the membership expires. Lifetime memberships never expire. Auto-renew membership options are available for all membership types.

How do I find my membership ID number?

When you are logged into your membership, under Manage Profile or Membership Info, view your membership card. It has your member ID#, Membership type and Expiration date. Print it to keep it at hand or just come back to the website anytime you need it.

How long is a membership good for?

Memberships purchased/renewed between May 1 – March 1 expire April 30. There is a grace period of 60 days prior to May 1 where memberships purchased/renew expire the following calendar year. 

What’s the difference between voting and non-voting memberships?

Non-voting membership is only for non-industry professionals, non-artist members – mostly active fans, retired, students or enthusiasts. Non-voting memberships are for those who don’t participate in the music industry but still support the goals of Folk Alliance International. Non-voting memberships still have all the same benefits as voting memberships with exceptions to the right to vote and any benefit that applies only to those that work in the folk music industry.

Those who participate in the music industry as a professional or artist should purchase a voting membership.

How does voting work?

Voting memberships all have a “primary contact”. This is the person who purchased the membership. The primary contact for each voting membership will receive the ballot via email. Each membership only receives one (1) ballot, but the ballots are weighted by membership type as follows:
1 vote – Individual & Lifetime
2 votes – Partner
3 votes – Small Organization
5 votes – Medium Organization
10 votes – Large Organization

Sub accounts of a group membership do not receive a ballot. Please collaborate as a group prior to casting the ballot.

Ballots are sent out annually for all board elections, referendums, and member-voted awards.

What’s a partner membership?

This is a membership for two (2) associated individuals. They may be life, business, or performing partners. This membership is not applicable for business, companies or organizations.

How do I know what size organization I am for an organizational membership?

  • For a business or organization, size is determined by annual budget.
  • For a band, size is determined by number of people in the band.
  • Agencies with multiple artists must purchase a medium or large organization membership in order to cover all of their artists on the membership.

How do I add my partner/ bandmates to my membership?

All additional members on your membership are added AFTER the primary account holder purchases the membership. Once logged in, under “Manage Profile” click “Sub Accounts”. From this page you have two options for adding additional members. 1) Invite them via email to fill out their own profile. 2) Create their profiles yourself, as the primary. *note* – you will be logged out of your profile to do this, and signed in as the member you’re creating.

I recently bought one type of membership, but I would like to change it. Is this allowed?

We allow membership upgrades anytime after purchase. Downgrades of membership is only allowed when the membership is up for renewal. We do not refund membership purchases. Please contact the office if you need to change your membership at (816) 221-FOLK (3655) or

Who should I contact about becoming a 501c3 Group Exemption member?

Please contact our Membership Manager, Jerod Rivers, at He will be happy to help you with this process.