COVID-19 Safety at the 2022 Folk Alliance International Conference

We’re modifying several elements of the in-person Folk Alliance International Conference this year to minimize the risk of exposure to COVID-19. Here are a few of the changes to expect, with more details below and forthcoming. FAI reserves the right to add or modify the precautions in place for your safety as we continue to monitor the situation.

Attendees are required to provide proof of vaccination before securing their conference badge.

Masks are required during all conference activities and in all dedicated conference spaces.

No food/drink receptions where people will be in close proximity.

Additional Details

Mask Policy

Masks are required at all times in conference areas (meeting and showcase rooms, private showcase rooms and hallways, registration, etc.). The only exception is for artists while they are onstage performing. Conference registrants may briefly pull down their mask to take a drink or a bite of food, but should immediately pull up their mask. FAI encourages attendees to wear masks in other areas of the hotel, but this is not a hotel requirement, and other hotel guests and visitors may or may not wear masks or be vaccinated.

Vaccination Policy

Conference attendees are required to provide proof of vaccination before securing their badge, and entry to conference spaces will be monitored to limit entry to registered badge-holders. Do be aware that outside of dedicated conference spaces, other hotel guests and visitors have access to certain common areas in the hotels and may or may not be vaccinated.

Cleaning & Sanitization

Read about the COVID-19 precautions in place at the Westin Kansas City where this year’s conference takes place.

In addition, we’re currently assessing the sanitization needs respective to event programming and will develop additional cleaning and sanitization procedures where necessary during and in-between conference events.

Modifications to Private Showcases

Private Showcases are hosted in individual hotel rooms. This year we have limited their number and spread the rooms out over more floors to reduce the density of any congregation in hallways. Masks are required at all time in rooms and hallways. Room hosts are required to attend a safety training session in order to host a private showcase. Our safety plan includes mechanisms for the monitoring of mask compliance and reporting safety incidents.

Letting people know your level of comfort

Different colored lanyards will be provided to visually indicate your comfort level around others. We are still finalizing the significations but options will look something like:

  • I’m keeping my distance (please keep at least three feet from me);
  • Ask me, or, I’m ok with talking but not touching
  • I’m ok with handshakes & high-fives

This page has been developed in collaboration with Majestic Collaborations as part of the Changing the Tune project, made possible by Performing Art Readiness.