2024 Official Showcase Artist Social Instructions

You’re an Official Showcase Artist: let’s tell the world.

Congratulations on being selected as an Official Showcase Artist for the 2024 Folk Alliance International Conference in Kansas City, February 21-25, 2024.

This year, we want to coordinate with all of our Official Showcase Artists (OSAs) to maximize your engagement with our audience – a global network of over 30,000 industry pros (venues, brands, labels, agents, arts organizations, etc.) – whose eyes are on our conference every year. This campaign will allow us all to collectively build momentum and make it easy to join in! Each artist will be in (at least) the following two posts.

If you have any trouble or questions please contact fawn@folk.org

Post 1: Announcement Badge (Sept 12 -30)

We invite you to join FAI in celebrating the Official Showcase Artist announcement by making a collaborative post with us using the 2024 Official Showcase Artist Badge. Use the links below to apply the badge to a photo of your choosing. Once you have your photo ready with your badge, simply post on Instagram as a collaborative post with Folk Alliance International (@folk_alliance) invited as a collaborator. Not only will your post go to your audience on your feed, but ours as well. Watch the tutorial below if you have trouble with any of this.

    • You can post any time starting September 12 through Sept 30
    • Please use the hashtags #folk2024 and #iamfolk

If you need help writing your caption, try something along the lines of…

    1. I’m excited to play FAI 2024!
    2. Going to Kansas City for FAI 2024!
    3. I’ve been selected as an Official Showcase Artist at FAI 2024!


Post 2: Video Intro (FAI will post Fall-Winter 2023)

The second post will provide a taste of your aura and sound. We request that you send us a short interview clip (30 seconds to 2 minutes) using the script below, and 1-2 performance recordings we have your permission to post clips of. Our team will produce a short video for Instagram and Facebook and post it inviting you as a collaborator.


    1. [Introduce yourself] “and we’re coming to Folk Alliance International.”
    2. Describe your music. Do this however you see fit. Some questions to consider: do you play a specific genre; are there specific elements of your sound/craft that are uniquely important to you; as your music important to your cultural heritage?
    3. Why are you excited to come to the 2024 Folk Alliance International Conference?


Please use this Dropbox Link to submit your video file(s). Or email video links to me at fawn@folk.org. Please label your files with your band name. Please don’t add any additional logos, text, or images to the video. 




One more time, there are just steps:

    1. Use the Badge Template to generate your 2024 Official Showcase Artist Badge image, and post this to Instagram starting September 12 – 30 as a collaborative post with @folk_alliance.
    2. Send us a short video (30 seconds – 2 minutes) using the script outlined above, upload here or email fawn@folk.org a link
    3. Send us a recording of 1-2 performances, upload here or email fawn@folk.org links (or I will just use you’ve already sent us with the RSVP letter).


Thank you for your cooperation on on this!