Centering Disability in the Music Industry Summit

FAI’s Global Summits are extended sessions designed to convene academics and industry-specific peers to discuss in-depth and report out on the evolving processes, practices, and policies related to the rich ecology of folk music. Past summits were held for funders, archivists, ethnomusicologists, cultural equity advocates, and Indigenous community members.

April 21, 2022 | 11:00 am – 2:00 pm CT (online)

Presented in partnership with Global Toronto

Facilitated by Adam Perry

The Centering Disability in the Music Industry Summit is a half-day online convening bringing together folks with disabilities who work in the music industry and or belong to the folk music community.  Participants will have the opportunity to discover some of the programs and organizations making advances in the field of disability inclusion; to examine and reflect upon how recently collected data provides a framework for a more committed reckoning with disability equity in the sector; and finally to co-create a concrete message that offers a road-map for a multi-directional pathway of activation, coalition-building and celebration of disability culture.

The purpose of the Centering Disability summit is twofold:  

  1. To hold dedicated online time/space that brings together folks with disabilities working in the music industry and performing arts sector for intentional and facilitated large group and breakout discussions around specific prompts.  
  2. To report the findings and calls to action back to the full FAI delegation, with the understanding that FAI is prepared to galvanize the proposed changes from programmatic choices to policy decisions. FAI’s aim is to activate our space in a way that has a ripple effect beyond our own walls and organization.

Summit Summary

Join us for a livestream presentation of the summit findings on May 20, 2022, at 2:30 pm CT, open to all 2022 conference registrants.