Compose Your Career x FAI

Three people sitting on a couch, one is holding a guitar while the other two are holding notebooks and smiling

Wednesday, February 1, 2023 at 10 am

Compose Your Career is an online course that teaches independent musicians how to create a sustainable career. Make the music you love —and make a living at it too.

Compose Your Career and FAI are partnering to produce a four-hour in-person workshop led by Jayme Stone with some of the core Compose Your Career information. The event will take place at the Folk Alliance International Conference at the Westin Hotel in Kansas City. More schedule details coming soon!

Compose Your Career co-founder Jayme Stone will share everything you need to know about successfully booking your own shows and tours. This four-hour in-person workshop will be divided into two parts: “Branding & Story” and “How to Book Yourself Without an Agent.” You’ll learn how to:

  • Frame your music in a compelling story
  • Write catchy copy
  • Position your project for success
  • Craft a pitch
  • Create conversation
  • Follow up
  • Understand booking seasons
  • Negotiate fees (the math and the attitude) and more

Workshop cost: $100.00 USD.