COVID-19 Safety at the 2023 Folk Alliance International Conference

We’re modifying several elements of the in-person Folk Alliance International Conference this year to minimize the risk of exposure to COVID-19. Here are a few of the changes to expect, with more details below and forthcoming. FAI reserves the right to add or modify the precautions in place for your safety as we continue to monitor the situation.

COVID-19 Policies

Mask Policy

Folk Alliance International has made a final decision on our COVID-19 protocols. As of January 24, masks are now only required on the Private Showcase floors and are encouraged in other areas of the hotel.

FAI evaluated the air quality in the various spaces of the hotel using a CO2 reader. The meeting spaces on the lobby level through the ballroom levels consistently have good air exchange even with crowds. Private Showcase floors do not have the same movement of air. Staff monitored the CO2 level at other similar showcasing events in hotel rooms and found that the air quality was often poor. The only mask exception on the Private Showcase floors is for artists while they are performing. Attendees may briefly pull down their masks to take a drink or a bite of food, but should immediately pull up their masks.

If you show any symptoms at the conference (fever, chill, cough, etc.), please continue wearing a mask and isolate until you are able to take a COVID test. We will have some tests available at the info booth, or there are multiple pharmacies in the area.

Vaccination Policy

Vaccines and boosters are strongly encouraged for all conference attendees, but are not required.

Cleaning & Sanitization

Read about the COVID-19 precautions in place at the Westin Kansas City where this year’s conference takes place. In addition, we’re currently assessing the sanitization needs respective to event programming and will develop additional cleaning and sanitization procedures where necessary during and in-between conference events.