Conference FAQs

Have questions about the upcoming conference?

If you have a question that isn’t covered here, feel free to email us at or call the office at 816-221-3655!


How do I register? What are the registration rates?

Learn more about how to register and the costs of registration here.


What is included in my registration?

For those registering for the in-person conference, your registration includes access to most conference events, including, daytime panels, Official Showcases, Private Showcases, and more.


I only want to attend one day of the conference. Is this possible?

Day passes are available for industry attendees of the Conference at the Attendee Selections page during registration starting on August 1, 2023.


Is there funding available to help with registration or travel?

We offer scholarships for first-time artist and industry attendees that cover the cost of registration. Our Folk DJ Scholarship covers registration, hotel, and travel for one folk DJ who has less than eight years of broadcasting experience. Learn more about all of our scholarships here.


What is the cancelation policy?

We realize that every attendee’s situation is unique and in a state of constant change. FAI’s goal is to provide flexibility and minimize risk for our attendees. You can also submit refund or transfer requests on this page. Click here to read the full policy.


Can I transfer my registration if I can no longer attend?

Substitutions of participants on a registration are allowed for a $50 fee and must be made with the conference registration staff at least two weeks prior to the event. Contact


What is the total cost to attend the conference?

Below is an estimation of total costs for one person to attend the conference, including registration, hotel, travel, and food. This is only an estimate to provide attendees a general idea of the financial investment of attending the conference. Many attendees choose to share rooms, find accommodations outside of the conference hotel, and carpool to cut costs. If you are a first-time attendee, we recommend checking out our resources for first-timers.


Total Cost to Attend the FAI Conference (based on member and early-bird rates)

FAI Membership (Individual) $70
Registration $300 industry/$225 artists
Hotel $519 + tax (1 room/3 nights)
Meals $180 ($60/day x 3 days)
Travel $300
Return ground transport $80
Promo materials $85
Total approximate cost $1,600/person


Ways to Reduce Costs


I’m a fan of folk music, can I still attend?

Every year we have folk music fans attend the conference, but we have placed limits on the number of attendees the last several years to ensure space for individuals who work in the field. Community members are welcome to apply to volunteer.


Where is the list attending Presenters?

The list is on the Attendee Lists page. You can also click here.


Where is the conference located?

All conference events (with the exception of the closing party) are located at the Westin Crown Center and the Sheraton Crown Center hotels in Kansas City, MO. Learn more about the hotels here.


Is parking available at the hotel?

According to the hotel’s website, the daily rate is $25 USD for on-site parking and $30 USD for valet parking.


How do I get to the hotel from the airport?

The hotel does not provide shuttle service. A taxi or rideshare service is about $50 USD. Super Shuttle is about $18 for one way; reservation required.


How do I perform at the conference?

Official Showcases and Private Showcases are the performance opportunities we offer at the conference. Learn more about ways to perform here. See the Official Showcase and Private Showcase FAQs for more details.

Official Showcases

If I get an Official Showcase, do I have to pay to attend the conference?

Yes, all Official Showcase artists and their support team must pay to attend the conference. Artist are guaranteed a discounted conference registration rate regardless of Official Showcase award status. View the artists registration rates here.


Should I apply for an Official Showcase?

Official Showcases are intended for tour ready artists who are interested in showcasing music to our global community. They provide the opportunity to put artists in front of festival bookers, agents, venues, record labels, DJs, and more.


If I don’t get an Official Showcase, will you refund my application fee?

No, Official Showcase application fees are non-refundable.


How long is an Official Showcase?

In-person Official Showcases are 30 minutes in length on a stage with full production. There is a 15-minute changeover between each artist.


What is the cost of registration for a band with four or more people?

FAI caps registration to $775.00 USD for Official Showcase artists or on standby. Bands must be an FAI member to receive this rate. If you have four or more people in your band who will all be attending, please contact Folk Alliance International at to receive a code for your registration. DO NOT REGISTER UNTIL YOU GET YOUR CODE.


Will I be able to sound check?

Due to the large number of artists performing in such a compact time frame, we are unable to offer sound checks prior to the showcase. Bands check live on stage right before their showcase.


What is provided for backline?

Backline includes guitar and bass amps, drum kits* (just bring sticks/brushes), and keyboards*. Please make sure your application clearly states if you need drums or keyboards for your showcase.


* Not all stages have drum kits and keyboards.


I can’t travel with my upright bass – can I borrow one?

FAI does not have upright basses for artists to borrow. Please reach out to local vendor K.C. Strings to rent an instrument.


Who do I contact to change my stage plot?

If you have any changes to your showcase after submitting your application, contact your production coordinator. Not all stage plot changes can be approved based on limitations of backline and systems.


Can I change my showcase time?

No. We are not able to change showcase times or rooms due to the complexity of scheduling artists.


Can I perform in a Private Showcase if I’m selected as an Official Showcase artist?

Yes! In addition to your Official Showcase, artists are encouraged to perform Private Showcases on any of the four nights of the conference. Artists are limited to six (6) Private Showcases. Click here for information on Private Showcases.


Can I perform in a public show in Kansas City if I’m selected as an Official Showcase artist?

Yes, but only before the Tuesday prior and after the  Sunday following the conference, or during the daytime hours of the conference. There is a radius clause that all Official Showcase Artists agree to that prohibits public concert participation by Official Showcase artists between the hours of 4pm-3am from February 21-25, 2024.


Can I sell my CDs or merch?

No, item sales are not allowed. FAI is a business networking conference – bring your latest marketing info and share it freely with those you meet.


Private Showcases

Are posters allowed on the Private Showcase floors?

Only Private Showcase presenters are permitted to hang posters on the Private Showcase floors. The posters should be specific to their room (listing all artists, times, and room number). FAI will designate sections of the hallway where postering is not permitted for safety and way-finding signage.

Posters for individual artists and in non-designated areas of the Private Showcase floors will be removed. Painters tape is the only permitted way of hanging posters. All others will be removed. Damage resulting from the use of non-approved tape will be documented and billed to the room host.


If I’m performing in a Private Showcase, do I have to pay to attend the conference?

Yes, anyone wishing to play a Private Showcase (and their support team) must pay to attend the conference.

Artists receive a discounted registration rate.


Is there a limit to the number of Private Showcases I can perform?

Yes, artists are limited to six (6) Private Showcases over the duration of the event. It is the responsibility of the artist to not book more than six (6).


Are there still guerrilla showcases at the conference?

Yes! Our Private Showcases were previously known as guerrilla showcases and are sometimes still referred to as guerrilla showcases at our regional conferences. At FAI’s annual conference, a Private Showcase refers to the intimate showcases located in hotel guest rooms from 10:30pm-3am.


Who can perform?

Any registered delegate of the conference can perform.


When do they happen?

Private Showcases can be scheduled anytime between 10:30 pm and 3 am CT Wednesday through Saturday evenings during conference week.


Do Private Showcases stream online?

Some hosts may decide to stream their showcase room at the hotel. Follow up with the private showcase host for more information.



Can I submit ideas for a panel?

Yes. We will open a panel idea submission form soon. Check back here for more information.


How do I reserve a booth in the exhibit hall?

Booths can be purchased during registration. More info on Exhibit Hall booths available soon.


How can my organization become a sponsor of the conference?

To learn more about sponsorship contact Alex Mallett, our Director of Development:


Can I advertise at the conference?

Information on advertizing coming soon. Contact Alex Mallett, Director of Development for more information: