Poster Policy

Private Showcase Poster Policy

  • Only Private Showcase hosts are permitted to hang posters on the Private Showcase floors. 
  • Hosts are permitted to hang posters only on the Private Showcase music floors and stairwells. Posters are not permitted in any other conference area, in elevators, or on elevator doors.
  • The maximum poster size is 11” x 17”.
  • There is a limit of three posters for the elevator bank area on each floor.
  • Promotional posters cannot be placed up until conference registration opens on Wednesday at 11:00 am.
  • The wall space approximately three feet on each side of the Private Showcase room entrance is dedicated to the room’s host. The host may decorate this wall space with any size or type of signage as long as they adhere to using only painter tape to ensure damage to the property does not occur. A host may choose to hang individual artist’s posters only in their designated area.   
  • FAI will designate sections of the hallway where postering is not permitted for safety and way-finding signage.
  • The posters hung in common spaces on the Private Showcase floors should be specific to a Private Showcase room and not individual artists. 
  • Posters for individual artists or in non-designated areas of the Private Showcase floors will be removed. 
  • Painters tape is the only permitted way of hanging posters. All others will be removed. Damage resulting from the use of non-approved tape will be documented and billed to the room host.