Private Showcase Host Agreement

Terms and Conditions for producing a Private Showcase at the 2024 Folk Alliance International Conference

All presenters are required to read and agree to all terms.
(Terms have been updated since last year) 

Regarding private showcasing (“Private Showcase”) of musical acts during the Private Showcase portion of the 2024 Folk Alliance International Conference (the “Conference”), to be held at the Westin Crown Center (“the Hotel”) located at 1 East Pershing Road, Kansas City, MO 64108, from February 21 – 25, is as follows:

I. Folk Alliance International (FAI) will:

    1. Designate non-smoking floors in the Hotel as music floors for Private Showcases;
    2. Provide a Fire and Alcohol Rules and Regulations (FARR) safety protocol mandatory attendance training session for Presenters;
    3. Arrange for the Hotel to provide and operate a full service cash bar in the Private Showcase area;
    4. Arrange for the Hotel to offer a special catering menu to Presenters for purchase of food for room hospitality; 
    5. Include a schedule of all Private Showcases in the Pocket Guide, Conference App, and online;
    6. Provide Presenters advertising space and marketing opportunities for purchase in the Conference App, Pocket Guide, and at the host hotel;
    7. Provide identifiable volunteer security on each designated music floor during Private Showcase hours; 
    8. Permit Presenters to hang posters (using painters tape) on the Private Showcase music floors (posters are not permitted in any other conference area, in elevators, or on elevator doors);
    9. Provide video screens in common conference areas displaying digital ads (additional costs apply); 
    10. Not have influence on or responsibility for the selection and booking of artists for Private Showcases;
    11. Track the number of private showcases for each artist to ensure that the cap of no more than six (6) private showcases is maintained.

II. Presenter’s Obligations

    1. Presenter understands that the Private Showcase segments of the Conference are official events and that Presenter shall be bound by all of the rules and regulations of the Conference, as well as those of the host hotel.
    2. Presenter agrees that all of the terms and conditions in this agreement will be met and/or understood prior to the Presenter booking or confirming a room or suite on the designated Private Showcase music floors of the Hotel.
    3. Presenter agrees and understands that any failure to abide by this Agreement or the rules and conditions of the Conference, as well as all of the rules of the Hotel, may result in the loss of Presenter’s Private Showcase room/suite, and the Presenter’s Conference registration badge, without refund.
    4. Presenter agrees to indemnify and hold FAI, its officers, agents and employees, harmless from any liability, loss, or damage suffered as a result of claims, demands, costs, judgments, or lawsuits due to the actions and/or negligence of the Presenter, or their agents, employees, volunteers, guests, invitees, or showcasing artists.
    5. Presenter is solely responsible for the costs of conference registration, showcase hosting fee, showcase room rental, advertising, transportation, accommodation, meals, any/all production costs related to the presentation of a Private Showcase, and/or any other costs of attending and participating in the Conference.
    6. Presenter must pay a Private Showcase Hosting application fee for each room they host performances in. This fee is separate from the cost of the room, chair rental, bed removal, hospitality, and conference registration. Failure to pay fees in a timely manner may result in loss of future opportunities to host Private Showcase rooms. FAI will reimburse the fee if an in-person conference cannot occur; otherwise the application fee is non-refundable.
    7. Presenter agrees to attend the Fire and Alcohol Rules and Regulations (FARR) training session provided by FAI and the Hotel, in advance of setting up and presenting in a Private Showcase room/ suite. Failure to attend the FARR Training session results in immediate termination of this agreement. 
    8. Presenter, and any associated room hosts, assistants, and all Private Showcase artists (and their accompanists) must be registered for the Conference. Presenter is responsible for confirming their participants are registered. Failure to register for the conference may result in future penalties as defined by FAI.
    9. Presenter agrees to abide by the Terms (Section III) for producing and presenting Private Showcases at the Conference, and to ensure all showcasing artists are aware of and follow these Terms. Failure to observe the Terms will constitute termination of this agreement, warrant closure of the Private Showcase room, and may result in withdrawal of Presenter and/or artist(s) Conference registration without refund.
    10. Presenter is responsible for managing the activity of all individuals in their Private Showcase room/suite and are required to report issues to the FAI Private Showcase Coordinator, FAI security volunteers, or Hotel security.
    11. Presenter is responsible for reiterating the private showcase limits to artists. The limit is six private showcases per an artist.

III. Terms for Private Showcases

    1. TRAINING: Every Presenter is required to attend a training session that goes over Fire and Alcohol Rules and Regulations (FARR) prior to setting up their Private Showcase room. FAI will provide two opportunities. Attendance will be taken and a mandatory FARR information sheet (to be posted on the inside of the Private Showcase room door) will be distributed to Presenters. Without exception, failure to attend the mandatory training session or post the FARR information sheet will terminate this agreement and will end the Private Showcase.
    2. TIME: Private Showcases shall not start before 10:30 pm. All Private Showcase will end by 3:00 am. 
    3. ROOM: Presenters are required to book a room for a minimum of three nights in a regular guest room. Suite holders are required to book a room for four nights. If a suite holder wants to present for three nights, FAI will consider exceptions on a case by case basis based on a commitment to exhibiting, advertising, or sponsorship.
    4. POSTERS: Presenters are permitted to hang posters on the Private Showcase music floors and stairwells using painters tape. Posters are not permitted in any other conference area, in elevators, or on elevator doors. Click this link for detailed information on the full policy.
    5. TAPE: Only painters tape or 3M Command Tape may be used for hanging posters, decorations, or lights in the hotel. A fine of $25 per violation will be levied against anyone who uses the incorrect tape.
    6. SAFETY: Fire detectors and alarms in each room/suite must never be concealed or have anything hung from them. No furniture or free standing items or displays are permitted in the hallway outside the Private Showcase room/suite. Instruments and cases must not be stored in the hallway.
    7. SOUND: The use of sound systems or amplification is NOT PERMITTED in Private Showcase rooms. Exceptions will be made for small keyboards, instruments that would not make noise otherwise, and may utilize very small electric bass/guitar amps only. Small amps may be secured at the FAI instrument check room the day of the private showcase on a first come first serve basis. Modest use of sound systems or amplification IS PERMITTED in Private Showcase SUITES and PREMIUM rooms until 3:00 am. FAI staff and/or designates have absolute authority to determine and request appropriate volume levels.
    8. PERCUSSION: Drum kits and bass drums are NOT PERMITTED at any time in any private showcase room or suite. Percussion may be used judiciously and MUST NOT disturb any adjacent rooms. FAI staff and/or designates have absolute authority to determine appropriate volume levels and will stop the use if the volume level is not maintained as requested.
    9. FURNITURE: Any rearranging or removal of furniture from Private Showcase rooms/suites may only happen with the express permission of the Hotel as managed by FAI. Extra chairs may be reserved in advance and rented from FAI. FAI shall not be liable for any related fees, expenses, or damages.
    10. LIGHTING: No candles or open flame of any kind are permitted at any time. Electronic candles, Christmas lights, or additional lamps are permitted. LED lighting is encouraged. Changing Hotel lamp bulbs to low watt colored bulbs is permitted (originals must be replaced). Lighting must not be covered with cloth of any kind and must be kept away from all fabric/curtains.
    11. ARTISTS: All Private Showcase artists (and all accompanying musicians) must be registered for the Conference and must comply with the Private Showcase Terms. Presenters are responsible for ensuring that all Private Showcase participants are registered prior to advertising their Private Showcase list in Conference materials, and must ensure all artists are aware of the Terms.
    12. ACCESS: Only registered Conference delegates are allowed on the Private Showcase music floors during performance hours. NO PUBLIC TICKETS are sold for the Private Showcases.
    13. LISTINGS: Presenter is responsible to provide accurate Private Showcase schedule information to FAI for the Pocket Guide.
    14. FOOD AND BEVERAGE: External food and beverages are allowed in hotel guest rooms 5th – 8th floors.