Virtual Private Showcases

Cost for a listing: $30 ($15 for members of FAI) 

A listing consists of the title of your event, a short description of your event, keywords, and a public url link to watch the stream on our virtual conference site.

  • No limits on the duration of your livestream (all streaming must end by 9 am CT)
  • No limits on the number of listings purchased

Times Available for listings (Central Time):

  • Wednesday, May 18, 10:00 pm to 9 am CT the next morning
  • Thursday, May 19, 10:00 pm to 9 am CT the next morning
  • Friday, May 20, 10:00 pm to 9 am CT the next morning
  • Saturday, May 21, 10:00 pm to 9 am CT the next morning

Deadline to submit a listing to FAI is Monday, May 2, 2022.

Hosts of an in-person private showcase that choose to livestream their showcase will NOT be charged a listing fee to air their livestream during their in-person private showcase hours.  If they wish to air that content at another time, they will need to purchase a listing. Private Showcase hosts that choose to stream still need to submit their information to FAI.


Who can perform?
Any registered delegate of the 2022 conference (either in-person or virtual) can perform in Virtual Private Showcases.
When do they happen?
Virtual Private Showcases can be scheduled to air anytime between 10:30 pm and 9 am CT during conference week (May 18-22, 2022) to give international attendees an equal opportunity to participate. 
How do you watch Virtual Private Showcases?
All registered conference attendees have access to watch the Virtual Private Showcases at no additional cost on the virtual conference website/app. All artists performing must be registered for the conference (either in-person or virtual). Public tickets are available for fans who are only interested in watching the showcase performances. 
Where do they stream from?
Participants will stream from the streaming platform of their choice. As part of the listing, share the LIVE VIEWING URL with FAI so that our virtual conference site will show the listing and be searchable by profile/tags, name, etc. 


Compatible platforms include: 

The streaming list does not include Zoom. Can I use Zoom?
You cannot create a direct watch link from Zoom; however, you can live stream Zoom to a compatible platform listed above. Zoom has instructional information on how to do this for YouTube.


Can I also livestream to my own fan base?
Yes, you can promote your performance to your own fan base. We are encouraging all artists to share the public ticket link to the Virtual Private Showcases.


Can I have a tip jar?
Yes, you can have a tip jar if your platform supports it. Public attendees are encouraged to tip the artists.
What information will I need to provide FAI, and when is it due?

Access to a form will be provided in March. You must provide the following information:

  • Artist(s) name(s)
  • Date & time of stream
  • Description of show/Artist bio
  • Livestream link – public watch url 
  • Artist email addresses (the email address that the artist used to register for the conference – this ties their virtual conference attendee profile to the listing)
  • Keywords (like genre)

Ideally the form is completed in March or April. The last day to purchase a listing is May 2, 2022. Those purchasing at the last minute will have a few days to complete their form. We will also allow for corrections to be made to the data until May 12, 2022.

Can I use pre-recorded content?

Yes, but the content must be a live recording intended for the Folk Alliance International conference. Due to licensing concerns, all pre-recorded content must be original songs or songs in the public domain. Performers who pre-record will need to get a sign-off from their label. FAI will require that all performers complete a form verifying compliance. See below for more information: 

Pre-recorded Content vs Live Streamed Content

  • Any previous recordings that were for a different audience or purpose are not appropriate for a Virtual Private Showcase. The intention of the Virtual Private Showcases is for the artist to create a program that is specifically for the Folk Alliance International conference audience. 
  • The audience for the Virtual Private Showcases is very diverse. Agents, managers, festival bookers, artistic directors, and fans alike all attend this event. Therefore, live streamed content is preferred because interaction is highly encouraged.
  • Stipulations: If for some reason you must pre-record your show, then you should plan to have representatives online in the chat during your showcase time who can converse with potential clients and fans. Even with pre-recorded content, all of your content should be programmed specifically for the conference.
  • Pre-recorded content must be provided via an external link to view just like live streamed content. We cannot accept file uploads for content. See the list of livestream platforms in previous questions.
Do you have any resources for how to set up our showcase?

Yes! We recorded an online tutorial with live questions for our 2021 Virtual Conference. Here is the link to the resources mentioned during the tutorial. 


Can I include hyperlinks in the Artist/Band Bio/Description of Showcase field?

Yes! You can add hyperlinks to your showcase description using this format: <a href=”WEBSITE LINK” target=”_blank”>TEXT</a> Here is an example where the word Folk Alliance International would be hyperlinked: <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Folk Alliance International</a>