Volunteer Code of Ethics

Folk Alliance International is very pleased to have volunteers commit their time to help make our conference a great success. Their efforts, and those of many, many others, are a part of a larger effort to achieve our mission which is: to nurture, engage and empower the international folk music community — traditional and contemporary, amateur and professional — through education, advocacy and performance. The conference production involves a team of like-minded people working together alongside creators, leaders, philanthropists, sponsors, partners, vendors, producers, employees and others to deliver on the goals and mission of the organization. The work and contributions of our volunteers need to be steep in professionalism,
regardless of the environment, challenges or nature of the work being done.


As with any event of this scale, there must be guidelines to follow. We want to you to understand the responsibility of being a representative of FAI. To help you better understand the organization’s expectations and the agreement between us, please read on for a summary of expected volunteer practices and behaviors at the conference.

Volunteers Agree To: 

  • Treat each and every person with respect and not use abusive language
  • Not violate or compromise a person’s personal space
  • Never threaten or bullied anyone at any time
  • Be a responsible and enthusiastic FAI ambassador
  • Not commit illegal, violent or unsafe acts
  • Not show up intoxicated to your volunteer shift. You may find yourself in situations
    where alcohol is served. If so, please be mindful of your consumption. Excessive or
    inappropriate consumption of alcohol, and drug use, will simply not be tolerated
  • Unfortunately, children are not allowed to accompany you during your shift
  • Keep confidential any information that FAI has entrusted to you
  • Never act as a spokesperson for FAI or make comments to the press and similar unless
    you were specifically requested to do so by the FAI Executive Director, Deputy Director or member of the FAI media relations team.
  • Not transfer your wristband to anyone else

    Volunteers have the right to:

    • A free conference registration (subject to agreeing to general Terms and Conditions of registration)
    • A volunteer t-shirt
    • Information about conference policies and procedures
    • Recognition as a volunteer
    • Appreciation for the contribution you make

    We Expect You To:

    • Adhere to this Agreement and Code of Ethics
    • Volunteer a minimum of 16 hours
    • Attend on-site volunteer orientation
    • Be aware of the time commitment and responsibilities of your task(s) prior to accepting a role, and honor that commitment
    • Be on time for all meetings and activities associated with your task(s)
    • Inform your Crew Chief quickly if you are unable to meet any of your responsibilities
    • Ask a Crew Chief if you don’t know the answer to a question, and report problems to any Crew Chief or Volunteer Coordinator
    • Wear your conference t-shirt with pride during all your shifts. This identifies you as a volunteer and representative of FAI to delegates.
    • Be courteous and helpful to anyone who needs your assistance