Strategic Plan 2018-2021


The vision for the next 3 years includes:

  1. being an advocate for the folk music community,
  2. thoughtful intentional growth,
  3. a respected organization within the music industry, and
  4. continuing to produce high profile meaningful events.

The following are the strategic objectives (and associated goals) to help move towards the vision:


Building a Strong Relevant Board

  • Develop strategies to prepare new board members for active participation and to gain insight from
    exiting members
  • Develop future leaders and leadership
  • Activate Advisory Board
  • Build Board contribution strategy
  • Diversify Board regarding age, ethnicity, and nationality
  • Create diversity strategy

Expanding FAI Reach and Impact (Brand and Outreach)

  • Activate regional and local strategy
  • Create local events with board member
  • Increase presence in international community
  • Conduct high level meetings with industry
  • Actively promote community as centerpiece
  • Provide events with higher profile industry contacts and artists
  • Raise visibility of brand: Grammys; radio charts

Engaging and Retaining Membership (Membership)

  • Develop strategies for membership retention
  • Develop strategies to retain “successful” artists continually engage artists and industry throughout
    all stages of their careers
  • Identify and implement effective communication strategies with members
  • Improve web educational offerings
  • Provide members with research to help them make data-driven decisions
  • Develop membership diversity

Building Systems and Mechanisms for Growth and Sustainability

  • Cultivate a sustainable donor base
  • Institutionalize advocacy work (staff)
  • Monitor conference locations regarding benefits/risks, etc.
  • Build systems for a “365” (year-round) organization


Challenges to address include:

  • funding with a holistic approach,
  • expanding and institutionalizing advocacy work,
  • clarifying board and staff roles,
  • bringing on new systems to manage high profile events,
  • international travel barriers,
  • helping new members enter FAI,
  • and retaining members