The Village Fund Fundraising Kit

Sample Artist Fundraising Language

Hi friends,
I seldom do this, but I really believe in this close-to-home cause and would like to ask if you can help support the folk music community at this time?


As you know I have been creating and sharing folk music for years. While making a living in music can be precarious at the best of times, the pandemic had a devastating impact for many folk musicians and people who work in the field.


To help, there is a new program called The Village Fund that is providing grants to those in need. Administered by Folk Alliance International, they have already provided grants to 50 community members experiencing financial hardship.


To replenish the fund a very generous folk music fan has pledged up to $17,000 to match other fans who donate, meaning everything anyone gives will be doubled.


Thank you in advance for taking a moment to check out the fund. Any support will help our community directly and is much appreciated. You can donate here:

General Sample Fundraising Language

As most of you know, the music industry has taken a huge hit in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Event cancelations have had a ripple effect throughout the entire community, causing loss of income for artists, festivals, venues, managers, agents, and more. In response to this crisis, Folk Alliance International has launched The Village Fund, a grant program supporting folk artists and industry in need — but they need your help!


Funding for the grants has come from public performance tickets from the Folk Unlocked Virtual Conference, cash directly from FAI’s reserve, and community donations.


To make sure that these important grants can continue to be distributed, please consider making a donation! Each grant is $500, but any amount helps and goes directly toward ensuring the future of the folk music community. You can donate here:

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