An Introduction to Pandora’s AMP Creator Tools

Tuesday, February 13 at 12 pm CT

Please join us for an introduction to Pandora AMP, a set of FREE and powerful DIY creator tools. Once you’re signed up for AMP, you can:

• Record Artist Audio Messages and speak directly to your fans

• Let your fans know how to buy records and merch

• Hype new recordings and releases

• Announce and promote upcoming performances

• Speak to the context or meaning of your music, share behind the scenes stories and musical influences

• ‘Feature’ your latest single and accompany it with an artist message.

• Get set up to record voice-overs and add them to mixtapes and playlists (we call these Pandora Stories) for a radio show/podcast vibe.

• View detailed data about each and every track you have spinning on Pandora

These tools were made for musicians by musicians and were designed to make it as easy as possible to promote music on Pandora, increase spins and speak directly to fans. AMP also allows you to see the data behind the music and then actually USE that data, to not only personalize those already existing connections but to reach potential new fans as well.

There will be plenty of time for questions afterwards.

We’re excited to introduce you to the Pandora AMP tools and welcome you to the Pandora AMP community.


Andee Connors, Senior Manager, Catalog & Creator Services, Pandora

Michelle Solomon, Catalog & Creator Services – Senior Operations Manager, Pandora