CommUNITY Online #10: Teaching Traditions

Wednesday, August 5th, 2020 9am CT

Wednesday August 5 9-10 am CT
In the world of Traditional Music, across many cultures, the teacher is expected not only to create a curriculum and develop their own unique pedagogy – but also to  deliver this to every possible profile of learner, often across a range of instruments. There is a strong embodied understanding of what needs to be taught/learned – demonstrated in the practice of ‘showing’ or ‘describing’ –  but this is rarely articulated verbally in a way that leads to engaged discussion or learner empowerment. As a result, many students who develop their practice to the point of self-directed learning struggle – or quit – because they are left to fend for themselves without the tools required to hone their skills. This webinar is an opportunity for artists who may not feel inclined towards the traditional ‘teacher’ role –  to position themselves as guides through the landscape of their own practice and relationship to tradition. Come learn about a whole world of possibility in a reinvented imagining of what the  teaching space of tradition might be. 

Moderator: Liz Doherty
Sharat Chandra Srivastava
Dr. Gameli Tordzro
April Verch