Cover Your Assets: Will and Estate Planning

August 30 at 11 am CT

FAI is participating in “Make a Will Month” – an initiative designed to encourage individuals to create or update their wills while supporting charitable organizations (like FAI).

In honor of this month, we’re working with Wealth Management Advisor Jeff Hammer of Northwestern Mutual to help advise our community on best practices in building a will and estate planning. Jeff has special expertise in nonprofits and intellectual property that illustrates how this crucial topic is especially relevant for the folk community. 

A well-prepared will is essential because it ensures your assets go to the right people and causes after you pass away. It lets you decide who gets property and possessions – that includes intellectual property. This is crucial if you have dependents, as you can name their guardians. A will also helps prevent family conflicts, reduces taxes on your estate, and gives you peace of mind knowing your wishes will be followed. It’s a way to control your legacy and provide for your loved ones even when you’re not there.

The webinar will cover:

  1. Common Elements of an Estate Plan
  2. How to Adapt the Plan as Life Changes
  3. How to Develop an Estate Plan
  4. Personal Records & Asset Inventory
  5. Estate Planning Checklist

About Jeff Hammer, CFP®, ChFC®

Firmly believing that people value differences and not similarities, Jeff’s career has frequently enjoyed taking the road less traveled. His national financial planning practice integrates personal, business, estate, and philanthropic financial planning, with a focus on positively impacting 1,000,000 people through the planning executed with his clients, their businesses, charitable organizations, and financial literacy programs.

While Jeff maintains his ongoing role with Northwestern Mutual as a wealth management advisor and fee-based financial planner, he also operates a national consulting firm, Hammer Forte Consulting. The consulting firm specializes in planned giving and asset management for non-profits, business transition planning, and intellectual property planning.

His consulting and wealth planning team’s work has spanned over 60 industries ranging from private equity, venture capital, real estate, music, publishing, movie/TV/content, arts, NFTs, faith-based, software, AI, defense, natural resources, energy, legal, marketing, healthcare, professional sports, NIL, medical, manufacturing, chemistry, materials, data, lending, payments, climate change, finance, education, electrical, import / export, franchises, and social services. 

Jeff has his B.S. and MBA from the University of Richmond.