CommUNITY Online #13: The Future Is Green: Envisioning and Enacting a Sustainable Music Industry

Thursday, November 12, 2020 9 am CT

The pause, pivot and mass postponements of 2020 have presented the live music industry a unique opportunity to reconsider and reorient its activities towards greater sustainability and greener practices. Join a group of expert panelists leading the shift towards greater environmental responsibility in our field as they discuss their accomplishments to date and the projects they’ve been pursuing through the pandemic.  Learn about the pandemic’s effect on increasing environmental awareness and environmental practices in our sector, and leave with a good sense of concrete ways you can embark on change immediately, and a renewed sense of inspiration to turn your good intentions into even greater actions. 

Marie Zimmerman, Hillside Festival, Guelph, Canada
Zale Schoenborn, Pickathon, Oregon, USA
Karen McBride (known as McBride), Woodford Folk Festival, Australia
Amali Knobloch, Clearwater Festival, NY, USA
Candice Tulsieram, The Sustainable Events Forum, Canada