The Village Fund

 The Village Fund is a grant program for folk artists and independent music industry professionals experiencing financial hardship, administered by Folk Alliance International.


The Village Fund’s name is inspired by the rural origins of various folk music traditions, the urban villages that expanded the folk audience, and the recognition that folk music forms one global village of fans, artists, and industry professionals alike.


All proceeds from public performance tickets to the Folk Unlocked Virtual Conference Showcases have gone directly to the fund. FAI has committed $25,000 from its reserve and hopes to raise an additional $75,000 in public support for the fund in order to initially distribute 200 grants of $500.


The Village Fund applications opened in May 2021 for FAI members and those who participated in FAI events over the past three years. A simple “financial need” verification process places all applicants into an eligible pool, and recipients are then drawn by lottery.

Contribute to the Village Fund

Interesting in supporting The Village Fund? You can either purchase public showcase access to Folk Unlocked, or simply make a tax-deductible donation directly to The Village Fund.

Apply for the Village Fund

The Village Fund is designed to provide support for musicians and independent music industry professionals in need. The minimum requirements include:


    • Proof of recent association with Folk Alliance International (membership, FAI conference attendance, or regional conference attendance within the last three years)
    • Proof of work in the music industry
    • Statements of financial burden or loss of income

If these requirements are met, $500 grants will be awarded through a lottery system, adjusting for diversity, inclusion, equity, and access priorities. With limited funds available, not all eligible applications will be provided grants. Further grants will be issued dependent on continued fundraising efforts.


Applications for the second round of funding are due on Wednesday, December 8, 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

Complete the form here and submit all of the required information. In case there are technical glitches, consider saving your answers in a Word document before transferring them over to the application. If you need any assistance, please contact

Who is eligible to apply?

To be eligible for a grant you are required to provide the following as part of the application.

  • Proof of past association with Folk Alliance International (membership, FAI conference attendance, or regional conference attendance)]
  • Proof of work in the music industry
  • Statements of financial burden or loss of income
Do I need to live in United States to be eligible?

No, anyone can apply regardless of what country they live in.

How do you select grant recipients?

Grants are distributed by lottery with each application assigned a number. Once the recipients are selected, an FAI staff member will thoroughly review the application to ensure that the person meets the need requirements.

When are applications due?

Your application must be submitted by November 30, 2021, to be considered for the second round of grants. You do not need to submit an application again if you completed on during the first round. 

Am I guaranteed to receive a grant?

Unfortunately, there are limited funds and it’s expected that FAI will receive more applications than funds available.

Can I apply more than once?

No, you can only submit one application.

When will you notify receipients if they receive a grant?

Recipients of the first round were notified in early July. Recipients of the second round will be notified by mid-December 2021.

Why are you collecting demographic data from applicants? Who has access to this data?

FAI values diversity, equity, inclusion, and access. In order to address these strategic priorities and ensure representation in all we do, we securely track demographic data through every application process so that we can accurately monitor and report on results rather than make assumptions.


To meet these goals for grant allocations, we have processes in place to ensure equitable distribution. In order to do so, we request the following demographic information. You are free to choose “I prefer not to answer”; however, FAI will factor in all of the other responses in any instance where strategic priority is being considered.


This information is strictly confidential, is not shared, and is not sharable. FAI is committed to accountable reporting of demographic allocations for all programs, including grant results. Reported demographic information is always aggregate, and is never linked to an individual, applicant, or recipient.

If I’m awarded a grant, will my name be made public?

FAI will keep all of the names anonymous unless a recipient indicates that they are willing to share their story.

What can I use the funding for?

There are no restrictions for how the grant can be used.

Thank you to our Village Fund Donors!

Meg Adam

 Julie Adams

 Cindy Adams

 Joshua Aguilar

 Mary Ahern

 Matt Akins

 Brigitte Albert

Mary Katherine Aldin

 William Alford

 Karen Allen

Folk Alley

Clan Duff

 Bruce Alpert

 Joni Altner

 Rosi Amador

Amazon Radio!

 Jane Amro

Forrest W. Anderson

 Danielle Anderson

 Greg Anderson

Anonymous (10)

Arhaven House Concerts

 Pete Angwin

Viva & Neil Araki

Martin Arhelger

 Jennifer Arndt

 Valerie Arnett

 Morris Arnold

 Lois Aroian

 Dena Aronson

 Liz Asphodel

 Susan P Athens

 Peter Aumann

 Meg Aumann

 Emily Aumann

 Theadocia Austen

 Jerry Austen

 Perel Hana B.Sessler

 Arah Bahn

 Curtis Ball

 Claudia Balladelli

 Brittany Bannish Laverty

 Vince Bannon

 Nadia Bardack

 Lee and Claudia Barewin

 Carmen Barnes

 Rich Barnett

 Marnie Barrett

 Heather Barron

John Barron of Clover’s Revenge

 Jeremy Bass

 Jeanne Bassis

 Stephanie Batcheller

Dave Bates

 Stephen Batsche

 Joanne Bauman

 Ken Beard

 Brenda Beard

 Carol Beaven

 Peter Beaven

 Steve Beeler

 Caroline Beischer

 Claudette Beitel

Vicki & Tom Belinoski

Michael Bellmont

 Mac Bellner

 Barbara Bellows-Terranova

 Michael Benghiat

 William Bennett

 Jude Bennett

 Sharon Bennett

 Ken Berger

 Cherylynne Berger

 Shari Berman

 Evert Berndt

Bernier family


 Jane Biekens

 Mark Bischel

 Emily Bloudek

 J Blouin

 Richard Blumenthal

 Stephen Blyskal

Rebecca Bortak In Memory of Jim Bortak

 David Bortlik

 Elizabeth Boswell

 Claire Bourret

 Melissa Bouvier

 Cathy Bovitz

 Cord Bowen

 Aurora Bowers

 Joan Bowlen

 Sharon Bowman


 Erin Bramstadt

 Adam Braun

 Neal Braverman

 Jeudi Brealey

 James Bredeson

 Randall Briley

 Thomas Briner

Steve Brooks

Mark Broome

 Meg Brosnan

 Laurie Brown

 Joanne Brown

Felicity Buckell

 Bonnie Burkert

 David Burr

 Dianna Burrup

 Bob Burton

 Lisa Buscho

Leanna Bush In Memory of Kristi Bush

 Barney Byard

 Margo Bynon

 Matt Byrd

 Johnny Byrne

 Aaron Cabbage

 Keith Caceres

 Katheryne Cahill

 Mike Callaghan

 Maureen Campbell

 Paul Campbell

 Judith Cangialosi

 Shelley Caplan

 Jim Carroll

 George Carvill

Joanna Castillo In honor of Aengus Finnan

Gene and Jo Castillo

 Beth Cawein

 Laura Layla Centorrino

 Julia Chacon

 Lee Ann Chancellor

 Rachel Charles

 Sigrid Christiansen

 Stewart Chyz

 Lynn Cingari

 Michael Clabby

 Sharon Clark

 Karen Clark

Lorne P Clarke

 Dallas Clem

 Judith Coates

 Pam Cocke

 Dermot Coffey

 Stephen Cohen

 Stephen Cohen

 Donald Cohen

 Cynthia Cohen

Denise Coker

 Paul Colbert

 Mary Cole

 Cassidy Coles

 William Collen

 Erin Collins

 Annie Colonna

 Chip Colvin

 Kristin Conklin

 Carolyn Connors

 William Cook

 Catherine Cooksley

 Marta Cooper Burt

Tom & Elinor Copeland

 Kirsten Corbett

 Susan Cordova

 Kevin Corrigan

 Linda Cortese

 Michael Cowen

 Donna Crozier

 Dawn Cruickshank

 Vern Culp

 Gayle Cupit

 Theresa Curtin

 Jennifer Cutting

 Tom Cutts

 Margaret Dagon

 Leon Davidowitz

 Cindy Davis

 Kimberly Dawson

 Peter Dayton

 Margaret Dean

 Patrick Deeney

 Tracy Dejarnett

 Anne Del Vecchio

 Robert Del Vecchio

 Arden Delacey

 Tammy Delfun

Michelle Demers Shaevitz

 Cathy Derksen

 Chris Detmer

 Joan Dickerson

 Cheryl Dietmeyer

 Maryellen DiSilvio

 Kathleen Dorner

 Lauren Doty

 Frank Doucette

 Karen Douglas

 George Drew

 Sherry Dudinsky

 Saul Duffin

 Steve Dulson

 Allison Duncan

 D Scott Duncan

 Nancy Duncan

 Raleigh Duncan

 Laurie Dunn

 Josh Dunson

 Amy Dusseau

 Dana Dwire

 Chris Eakin

 Caroline Earl

Tanya Earle

 Rochelle Easton

 Lisa Eckstein

Gary & Ali Eisenhammer

 Lila Elie

 Melissa Elischer

 Iris Elko

Clarey Ellis-Stretch

 Ivan Emke

 Nancy Emrich

 Gerald Englebretsen

 Enkhnasan Enkhbold

Erin Sugrue

 Dana Estep

 Quin Etheridge-Pedden

 Marty Evans

 Kay Fackler

 Gerald Falchook

 Michael Fasano

 Jo Fayan

 Lynn Feasey

Lynne Fees In honor of Brian Fees

 Lisa Feldberg

 Richard Feller

 David Fiely

 Graeme Findlay

 Jeanne Finley

M.W. Finnan

Jane Laura Finnan

 Holly Fischer

 Janice Fleming

 Nicole Flores

 John Foley

 Larry Folk

 Tara Fortin

 Jonathan Fowler

Alison Fraser

 Ron French

 Lucille Frey

 Howard Friedman

 Ray Friedman

 Teresa Frost

 Emmett Fruin

 Joanne Clapp Fullagar

 Barbara Fulton

 Tom Funk

 Ann Furdock

 Pam Gaines

 Catherine Gamber

 Helen Garber

 Denise Garcia

 Melissa Gardner

 Carlos Gaudreault

 Greg Geissbuhler

 Laura Gibbons

 Lisa Gilbert

 Etienne Gingras-Gaudreault

 Joanne Goldsworthy

 Claudia Gomez

 Jaclyn Goodrich

 Mary Goree

 Rebecca Gouge

 Rick Graft

 Alice Grange

 Susan Graves

 Leu Anne Greco

 Dennis Gredell

 Sally Greenberg

Brigid Greene In Memory of Mike Greene

 Ryan Greenwood

 Nancy Groce

 Jennifer Grove

 Charly Gullett

 Greg Hack

 Tammy Hadfield

 Chris Haghirian

 Joni Halabi

 Joe Haldeman

 Kelly Halloran

 Janet Hamlett

 Carol Hammerberg

 Sherry Hammond

 Susan Hancock

 Rich & Hanson

 Kim Hardie

 Joe Harris

 John Harvey

 Frank Hawthorne

 Hajnal Hegedus

 Mara Hellman

 Sara Henderson

 Thomas Hendricks

 Anita Herrick

 Christi Herrick

 Edie Herrold

 Henry Herzog

 Elizabeth Hicks

 Kathy Hilliker

 Marianne Hines

 Shawn Hinnant

 Kenneth Hirsch

 Jana Hirsch

 Jen Hitt

 Michael Hobig

 Graham Hodder

 Kathryn Hoffman

 Andy Hollander

 Deborah Holmes

 Linda Holt

 Kacie Holt

 John Hone


 Bill Houston

Merylie and Jim

 Robin Howson

 Michael Huber

 John Hughes

 James Hull

 Dave Hundelt

 Michael Huntzinger

 Kate Hyman

 Sean Hynes

 Edward Ingber

 Jacqueline Innocenzi

 Lori Isberg

 Veda Jackson

 Phil Jaggard

 Spencer Jarrett

 Emily Jasmer

Kathleen Jay

 Richard Jay

Lally & Wayne Jennings

 John Jewell

 Theodore John

 Merryn Johns

 Jim Johnson

 Pam Johnson

 Gloria Jones

 Lawrence Jordan

 Elizabeth Joyce

 Gabor Jozsa

 Ian Judd

 Nick Justice   

 Si Kahn 

 Gregory Kalkanis

Kansas City Irish Center

 Jon Kaplan

 Tom Kasper

 Mark Kaufman

 Cheryl Keffer

 Janet Kerr

 Thelma Kidd

 Chuck Kieffer

 Kyongmee Kim

 Ken Kimura

 Annette Kindred

 Shawn King

 Beverly Klatt

 Nancy Koehler

Harmon Koeltz

 David Koloff

 June Komisar

 Angie Konstantaras

 Florence Kontos

 Ania Kopczynski

 Ellen Koronet

 David Koronet

Tim Krahn For Aengus Finnan

 Katie Kramer

 Derek Kraneveldt

 Noel Kropf

 Nancy Krupiarz

 Holly Kunkle

 Ronald Lafave

 Roberta Lamb

 Kylee Lambert

 Chloe Langham

 Joanne Lasnier

 Emily Lau

 Ericka Lavalley

Sean Lea of Shadow Scape Records

 Sam Lee

 Carolyn Leeson

 Augusta Lehman

 Barry Lempe

 Nancy Leslie

 Mark Levine

 Janet Lewis

 Sandy Lewis

 Woody Lewis

 Cathryn Lewis

 Alex Libbus


 Lin Lobue

 Richard Lockwood

 Jane Lombard

 Michele Longo

 Adam Louderback

 Debra Lovendusky

 Dennis Low

 Michael Luce

 Jennifer Luft

 Jeanette Lundgren

 Karin Lundgren

Bryan Lunny and Julie Gelson

 Luminous Lupe

 John Luth

 James Lynch

 Geoff Lynn

 Allison Maccalder

Peter MacDonald and Patricia O’Connell

 Peter Macdonald

 Raymond Macdonald

 Caroline Macmillan

 Murdell Macneil

 James Maiden

 Samantha Mallett

 Alex Mallett

 Amelia Mallett-Kass

 Pam Malt

 Monica Mansfield

 Phil Maq

  1. Diana Marquez

 Johannes Marstad

 Kristen Martell

 John Martin

 Howard Martin

Corey Martin of Shadow Scape Records

 Jack Martin

 Brian Maruca

 Evie Mc Loughlin

 Patricia Mcaulay

 Rodger McBride

Erin McCabe

 Jennifer Mccann

 Kathie Mccarthy

 John Mccarver

 Marada Mcclintock

 Steven Mccolley

 Christina Mccormick

 Ash Mcdaniel

 Matthew Mcdonald

 Rebecca Mcfee

 Suzanne Mcgillicuddy

Erin McGrane & Jeff Freling

 Robert Mcgrath

 Jack Mckenzie

 Leslie Mckinney

 Leigh Mclachlan

 Joe Mclaughlin

 Richard Mcmanus

 Bruce Mcritchie

 Cindy McSurely

 Amy Meadows

 Thomas Megli

 Jacqueline Meier

 Nancy Meis

 Donna Lynn Melvin

 Jan Meslin

 Marcia Meyer

 Carolyn Miller

 Harold Miller

Paul Mills

 Cecily Mills

 Brenda Milne

 Elaine Minahan

 Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg

 Phyllis Mize

 Kurt Moberg

 Fred Moffitt

 Brian Moon

 Jeff Moore

 Kelly Morelli

 Lori Mozilo

 Agnieszka Mucha

Joe & Gina Muego

 Kerry Mulcahy

 Virginia Murphy-Berman

 Richard Mushlin

 Mae Myers

 Matthew Myers

 Christine Nakashima

 Zack Nash

 Dan Navarro

 Lori Nelo

 Holly Nelson

 Esha Neogy

 Reed Neuman

 Alison Newell

 Payton Newton

 Janice Nicholson

 Cheryl Nickurak

 Charles Nolan

 Jodi Norman

 Laura Norwitz

 Robert Nowak

 Kelsey Nussbaum

 Alex Nyandoro

Tanya Nye

 Jane Ollendorff

Michael Olsen In honor of Jack Sundrud, singer/songwriter/humanitarian

 Marty Olson

Organic Arts

 Bob Orme

 Stephen Orr

 Peter Owsianowski

 Nancy Owsianowski

 Tom Padula

 Al Page

 Susan Paikin

 Peg Parham

 Robert Parker

 Sandra Parks

 Katharine Partridge

 Harry Patterson

 Kathleen Paulson

 Ken Paulson

 Steffen Paulus

 Tracy Pawlik

 Sylvia Payne

 Dennis Pearne

 John Pearo

 Diana Penn

 Lea Pennock

 Kimberly Penrose

 Francie Pepper

 Alex Pepper

 Francie Pepper

 Chere Pereira

 Tamara Perkuhn

 Margaret Pigman

 Kirsti Piironen

 Lynn Pinder

 Steve Pollitt

 Joel Pomerantz

 Samantha Pomroy

 Fred Posine

 Tracie Potochnik

 Mark Potts

 Danny Powell

 John Powers

 Mark Price

 Donna Probes

 Gary Proctor

 Paul Pynkoski

 John Rae

 Alexa Rainville

 Elizabeth Rajkovich

Janda and Lyle Raker

 Rhonda Ratty

 Kasey Rausch

 Julie Rawlings

 Suzi Redlich

 Dawn Reel

 Elisabeth Relin

 Tina Renschen

 Marlene Rhodenizer

 Nicole Riendeaucouture

 Eric Ring

 Lowell Rinker

 Patricia Roach

 Trish Roach

 Joy Robertson

 Cindy Rogers

Dave Rogers

Bob Rose in memory of Gene Shay

 Lee Rosenblum

 Rhiannon Rott

 Bronwyn Rowbotham

 Michael Rowe

 Richard Ruane

 Carl Rubino

 Gladis Ruiz

 Sara Russell

 Joan Ruzzo

 John Ryan

 Pat Santana

 Jean Sarfaty

 Peter Scheffler

 Debra Schenk

 David Schenk

 Paul Schiminger

 Deborah Schmidt

 Chuck Schmitz

 Jim Schultz

 Steve & Elaine Schurr

 Jim Scott

 Susan Scott

Elizabeth Scriven

Peggy Seeger

 Joanna Joy Seetoo

 Len Seligman

 Paula Sellers-Ronkin

 Joseph Sestili

 Ashley Shabankareh

 Lisa Shaffer

 Daphne Shears

 Patricia Shears

 John Shears

 Jackie Sheaves

David Sheffield In honour of Deirdre

 Sianne Shepherd

 Michael Sheppard

 Jeff Sherman

 Albert Shiely

Barbara Shiller

 Sean Shipley

 John Shockey

 Jan Shriner

William Shulman In honor of Carolyn Shulman

 David Shulman

 Toni Shumate

 Kirsten Sigrist

 John Sinkevics

 Nola Skipper

Slack Key Haole

Scott Slater

Lorain Smalligan and Ted Bergin

 Mihaela Smaniotto

 Kenneth Smith

 Pamela Smith

 Tammeryn Smith

 R Smith

 Donna Smith

 Erin Snyder

 Vicki Solomon

 Mark Solomons

 Christine Soule

 Mary Spillane

 Kay Stacey

 Denny Stanley

 Dave Stasiuk

 Diane Steele

 Perry Stein

 Barbara Steinberg

 Karen Stemmler

 Irwin Stenulson

 Larissa Stenzel

 Mollie Stephens

 Valeria Stewart

 Mairead Stewart

 Denika Stewart

 Henry Stewart

 Rebecca Stieg

 Nancy Stier

 Holly Stigen

 Patricia Stolzenberg

 Eliz Stookey

 David Story

  1. Dr. Marian Stuart

 Jim Stuckless

 Carl Sturgeon


 Preston Sullivan

 Gary Sullivan

 Karen Sullivan

 Bill Sundahl

 Steve Surdock

 Scott Swan

 Jim Swanson

 Gene Swimmer

 Robert Synal

 Deborah Taggart

 Jonathan Takiff

Dan & Kathy Tappan

 Dulcie Taylor

 Douglass Taylor

 Louise Taylor

 Adam Tebrugge

 Owen Teo

 Rex Tetzlaff

 Margaret Thomas

 Laura Thomas

 Laura Thomas

 Neal Thompson

Liz Thomson

 Marlys Tilley

 Alan Tilson

 Ariel Tilson

 Nancy Tilson-Mallett

 Sandy Toce

 Karell Torres

 William Totte

 Ami Tran

 Grace Tsao

 Tom Upshaw

 Dee Vadnais

 Frank Van Gaalen

Janet E Van Sickler

 Trae Vedder

 Lisa Veglahn

 Danielle Vescolani

 David Vied

 Phillip Vonesh

 Carla Voss

 Louis Wade

 Michelle Wadle

 Carolyn Wakeham

 Britton Walker

 Scott Walters

 Zachary Walton

 Nancy Warden

 David Warm

 Peter Warne

 Rob Watson

 Dan Watson

 Lillian Aida Wauthier

 Ben Weatherman

Janet Weber

Sarah Weber

Benjamin Weigand

Ronnie Weinberger

Eric Weinstein

Betty Wells

Margot Wenger

Charlene Westbrook in honour of Aengus Finnan

 William Wheeler

 Andrea Whitefield

 Blair Whyte

 Lisa Whytock

 Fred Wieck

 Jay Wilensky

 Margaret Willett

 Landa Williams

 Denise Williams

 Rob Woiccak

 Joseph Wolfe

 Bonnie Wolfe

 Jean Woods

 Peter Worth

Slade Wright In memory of John Harrison

 Patricia Yarrow

Songbird Sanctuary

Nadine Young

Alexandra Zell

Irene Zhong

Nancy Ziemelis